AFSYS - Shipping

Client Overview


Client is one of the largest shipping lines in the world with a fleet size of 94 vessels including 10 bulk carriers with a total capacity of 4 million DWT. With head offices in Taiwan, their services cover 73 countries with over 170 service points. The company has won numerous awards and certifications for the quality and efficiency of its services.

Engagement Overview

Client One of the largest shipping corporations in the world
Industry Shipping
Project Start Date 2001
Project Start Date 2001
Project End Date/ Status Completed : 10
Ongoing: 03
Project Locations Asia Pac:Taiwan, Hong Kong, China
Europe : Germany, Netherlands, UK , Belgium
South America: Brazil
North America: Canada, USA
Number of current Users 3600+
ID Team Size Onsite: 30
Offshore: 95
Technology Stack Oracle Developer 6i, Oracle database 9i.
Right fax/Email Integration, B2B – EDI based Processing
Integration EDI,B2B, In-House ERP, Online Customer Portals

client's IT scenario-before Id Associations

The Heterogenous nature of the legacy systems used by different agents was the main business challenge for the client. Flow of information amongst principal and the agents, involved high levels of human intervention and hence the processes were time consuming, resource intensive and prone to errors. Absence of a centralised and versatile IT system also meant that lot of limitations in terms of forecasting, resource planning, adhering to local standards, etc

why/How ID was chosen

Our client being a quality conscious company with Mission Critical systems uses rigorous methods to evaluate and select the right technology partner. The company chose ID for the following value propositions

  •   Proven expertise in product development and life cycle management
  •   15 years of ID ’ s and its SMEs ’experience at both domain and technology levels
  •   Technology Partnership with Oracle, Microsoft and other industry leaders
  •   Vast experience in supporting clients with multiple geographical locations

ID Solutions - AFSYS

ID proposed a centralized system for client and its agents that addressed all their concerns and business challenges. The solution offered granular level security and also supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for additional security. The system facilitates access of business data by various agents based on pre defined business rules. It also supports B2B interfacing using standard EDI such as UNEDIFACT and ANSI.

Implementation / Installation Challenges

  •   Integration with HQ systems at different process level interfaces
  •   Near-real time reporting of Container Movement
  •   Different Accounting practice requirements for various countries
  •   Various dynamic interfaces with partners such as Shippers , Ports , Customs , Depots and Terminals

Client Benefits

  •   Centralised and versatile system with the ability to meet and adapt to Global Business challenges and Requirements such as USA, China Customs Regulations, etc
  •   International Languages support to support client ’s global operation and future aspirations
  •   Seamlessly integrated with HQ systems to avoid manual entries and errors wherever possible
  •   Near-Zero maintenance, thus optimising IT spend
  •   Quick/transparent Data access across agents increasing business efficiency
  •   BPO functionalities to achieve faster and efficient client services
  •   Business rules based Alerts to management helps client to manage pro actively