About us


Information Dynamics was established in 1995, as business solutions and software service provider for various industries. Since then, ID has grown from strength to strength in terms of resource pool, expertise in multiple technical and industry domains, delivery capabilities and geographical presence. ID's strong customer focus, qualitative approach and consistent delivery of solutions/services within proposed budgets and time have made it as the preferred technology partner for numerous clients for more than a decade.

Currently ID's 350+ technical members operate from various centers across 9 countries, and serves various vertical industries - like Shipping & Logistics, Retail & Distribution, Travel & Airlines and Transportation.

ID is growing rapidly and we are ramping up our human resources to address the needs of our growing number of customers and their business needs. We are also in the process of expanding our significant presence in North America, Europe and Australia by providing our trademark high quality, cost effective IT solutions. We invite all our current & future stakeholders to be a part of this exciting growth story.

Our Philosophy


Local Presence and Global Perspective

Our rapid expansion is attributed to our endeavor to be closer to our valued customers yet maintaining our Global Perspective, Standards and Quality to the benefit of those we serve.

Continuous Value Realization

We believe that there is no end to possibilities of improvising and improving your business standards and hence we strive to bring about continuous value realization to your business through our innovative research and development.

Be Ahead Of the Industry Market Trends

To serve our customers better and ensure that they are prepared to meet the new global challenges in business, we try to be closely associated with the market information and trends so as to provide solutions well before the outbreak of the challenge.

Your Technology Partner in Progress

Last but not the least, we strive hard to contribute to your business growth by offering our value added Products and Services that transform your business.

Strategic Alliances


1. Oracle

Independant Software Vendor

2. Dell

Certified Partner

3. Microsoft

Systems Integrator.

4. Sonicwall

Silver Partner

5. GFI

Gold Reseller.

Partner with Us

ID is planning to expand rapidly in USA, Europe and Australia. To augment its growth plans ID is looking for strategic and complementing business partners to forge mutually beneficial relationships.

ID would like to Partner with....

IT services providers who currently do not have the capabilities to offer Infrastructure Management Services, Database Services and Application Services to their existing or potential customers.
Large organisations that do already offer the above services and looking for a reliable technology partner to support their rapid increase in customers and business.
IT consulting companies that qualify and recommend IT vendors to their customers.

By partnering with ID, organisations can make their service offerings more comprehensive, add value to their customers and initiate a high margin and constant revenue stream.



At ID many of its employees have been with the company for more than a decade, this fact stands testimony to ID ’ s top class HR policies and proactive initiatives to take care of its employees ’professional development and general well being

Apart from providing excellent remuneration and other incentives, ID also invests heavily on regular training programs to constantly add value to them and to improve their competency.

ID also encourages its employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance to lead a happy professional and personal life.

Corporate Social Responsibility


In the 15 years of its existence, ID had progressed steadily and sustained its success despite challenging scenarios such as the ICT melt down or the global recession witnessed by this decade. This growth was possible only because of the strong foundation it had laid in terms of ethics, values and assuming responsibility for the success of its stakeholders. So, as a responsible business enterprise we strongly believe in maintaining a healthy Triple Bottom Line. Beyond business, we lay significant emphasis on meaningful relationships with our stakeholders such as employees, the communities that we work in and the environment at large.


Our People

ID understands that its biggest strength and most valuable asset is it ’s talented and committed work force and takes all possible initiatives to ensure their professional development and wellbeing. We offer excellent remuneration and benefits to our employees and invest substantial amount of resources in educating, training and developing them as a value addition. We facilitate and encourage our employees to maintain a healthy work life balance to lead a harmonious personal and professional life. These initiatives ensure that our employees are happy and competent which help us to serve our clients quickly, smartly and economically.


Our Community

ID contributes to the communities that we work in at three levels. As an organization we contribute substantially towards different relief funds and rehabilitation programs. We also facilitate and encourage our employees to take up suitable volunteering opportunities in our communities.