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Carriers / NVOCC / Agents
AFSYS is a complete solution for Carriers/NVOCC/ Agents to operate your shipping business and manage principal-agency activities effectively. This high quality low cost solution enforces standards that ensure consistency, discipline and certainty of services thus improving your customer service levels. Our solution gives you great control over cargo booking and movement and also help you work out profitable trade lanes.


  • Maintain daily vessel schedules and auto notification to customers
  • Maintenance of tariff structure for various port-pair combinations, customers and vendors
  • Provision for generating rate requests and approval
  • Provision for maintaining vendor tariffs and agreements
  • Provision for sale/purchase and lease agreements
  • Online equipment control with well defined logical moves
  • Auto calculation of brokerage and rebates payable and receivable
  • Provision for working on cost-plus and commission module
  • Maintaining transshipment container details and allocating on-carriage vessel for prompt connections
  • Controlled work flow as per pre-defined operations and smooth documentation
  • Auto calculation of demurrage/port storage, line detention and lease rentals
  • Simplified voyage disbursement accounting


  • Reduces redundant and repetitive data-entry by effective integration of business processes thereby minimising human errors
  • Easy monitoring of manifested freight rates
  • Control costs and improve profitability by effective management of vendor and agents' activities
  • Minimising loss through strategic asset management of the inventory to ensure optimum utilisation
  • Improving container turnaround
  • Analysing demand-supply positions and planning empty repositioning