Application Services

No two organisations are similar, their business models, needs, services, products, objectives, demand, resources, priorities, customers and the differences go on and on. When a readymade solution is not available to address the exact business requirement, a bespoke solution is the best bet for your organisation as you cannot afford to compromise on performance in these highly competitive times.

ID has all the experience required to design, develop and implement applications ranging from a single functional module to full fledged ERP solution with different system integration capabilities and we have demonstrated this on many occasions.


Application Design and Development

  • As organisations grow, the need for more, better, faster servers grow as well. Servers cost a huge share of an organisation's total IT spend and not utilizing them to optimum levels can have an adverse impact on the ROI.
  • ID's server infrastructure solutions ensure that high levels of availability is maintained. Our solution manages every aspect of your server systems including OS updates and patches, directory services etc. ID also manages the availability of your messaging solutions, middleware and application servers so that all your enterprise applications cater to your business needs round-the-clock.

Application Migration & Re-Engineering

  • Business organisations that have older, legacy systems that were developed years ago face issues such as high maintenance costs, unsupported technologies, limited or no web and integration capabilities, limited availability of human resources capable of managing legacy systems.
  • our organisations may hesitate to discard the legacy systems completely as you would have invested heavily in them over the years and the functionality and information present in them would be of great value to you, more over the cost involved with an all new solution could also be prohibitive.

Application Maintenance Services

  • Having invested ample resources in your business application, you want it to run in top condition and available all the time to meet your business requirements. Business critical applications need to be, monitored round the clock to ensure availability, fine tuned to improve performance to meet increasing business demands and upgraded when required to increase functionality.
  • Your organisation could entrust these mission critical tasks to experts such as ID who can efficiently and economically manage your applications round the clock.