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eTravel2000 makes the whole business process of airlines an organized module. With eTravel2000, airlines can schedule, track, reserve, change, update travel plans and data, on line and in line with passengers, sub agents, tours & cargo etc. Control over flight schedules and a 24 hour support system are some of the advantages of the solution.


  • Facilitates inventory process from the point of print order to receiving and distribution
  • The solution automates the stock requests, supply, consumptions, reconciliation and validates misutilisation
  • The travel module deals with the processing of various utilised revenue documents and handles complex Pro-ration (SPA, MPA) and revenue accounting functions. The system manages the inward and outward Interline Billing aspects too
  • The system helps manage the sales reports from stations and agents and has been interfaced to leading reservation systems like Amadeus and Worldspan to automatically upload the sales information


  • Complete control of the business operations
  • User friendly single screen operational module
  • Integrated to the travel management module as well as the financial management system
  • Minimising loss through strategic asset management of the inventory to ensure optimum utilisation
  • Multi Currency / Location / User Support
  • Extensive MIS and decision support features