Warehouse Management System | Inventory Warehouse Management


Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been designed to improve the efficiency and operational control for Third Party Logistics (3PL), Container Freight Station (CFS) and distribution. It has two levels whereby the operations can be totally controlled based on RF (Online / Offline) and / or manual control. Overall Stock flow is maintained, both stock overflow and deficient count are calculated and the appropriate message is alerted.

WMS Highlights

  • Controlled work flow as per pre-defined operations
  • Maintains various combinations of logistical tasks
  • Control checks
  • Wild queries
  • MIS/DSS Reports for effective decision making


  • Customization of various fields for various operations
  • Maximum of 10 inner levels of an item’s outer package
  • Multi-type storage facility such as floors, rows, shelves, tiers and bins with dimension control
  • Controlled dependency operations
  • Well Planned item allocation and Bin allocation methods
  • Improved stock control for optimization of physical nil picks
  • Online stock updating at the time of receive and delivery completion, and its adjustment
  • Traceability of the movement of the products
  • Customs documentation facility
  • On time operations as per schedule (Queuing through FIFO, LIFO, and so on)