Warehouse Management System & Inventory Warehouse Management


SHIPLOGIX is a competent and reliable warehouse management software meticulously designed to accurately handle your inventory needs. Our application elevates warehouse efficiency, minimizes logistics expenses, and maximizes return on investment (ROI). By incorporating built-in system intelligence, it optimizes space utilization and expedites warehouse operations, including receiving, picking, packing, delivery, and service tasks. Our solution not only facilitates the optimization of production activities but also contributes to the reduction of logistics expenses, providing your business with a technological edge that leads to an enhanced return on investment (ROI).

SHIPLOGIX - The Right Solution for Efficient Warehouse Management

Our SHIPLOGIX incorporates inbuilt intelligence, making it the ideal choice for accurate warehouse space optimization and automation of activities such as receiving, packing, and picking goods.

Gate Module:

The Gate Module is a comprehensive tool designed to effectively manage, control, and monitor vehicle movements within a facility. It is a built-in gate management module offering a range of features to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

One key functionality of the gate module is the ability to create gate passes and obtain online gate-in schedule confirmation from transporters. This is made possible through seamless integration with the SHIPLOGIX Android Mobile App, the best WMS software in India. By leveraging this integration, users can generate gate passes and receive real-time confirmation of scheduled gate-in times, providing a streamlined and efficient process for managing vehicle arrivals.

Furthermore, the gate module facilitates the capture of vital driver information, gate-in and gate-out times of vehicles, as well as the allocation of docks. This data collection enables accurate tracking and monitoring of vehicle movements within the facility. Additionally, the module allows capturing images of trucks and equipment as needed, providing visual documentation for various purposes, such as record-keeping or security measures.

ShipLogix gate module is a powerful cloud based warehouse management system for handling the flow of vehicles within a facility. Its features, including gate pass creation, online schedule confirmation, driver information capture, and image documentation, contribute to improved operational efficiency, enhanced security, and streamlined vehicle management processes.

Planning Module:

The inbound and outbound planning module offers enhanced efficiency in shipment planning, providing a comprehensive overview of estimated shipment ETA or delivery times based on gate pass schedules and associated documents.

This module facilitates planning various inbound and outbound tasks, including receiving, put-away, picking, packing, and more. Users can estimate the start and completion times of these tasks and allocate the necessary resources or workforce to carry them out. Furthermore, the module presents real-time information on the current status of the inbound & outbound marshaling yard. This feature aids in strategic planning by allowing users to identify and free up the required space for receiving inbound shipments and dispatching outbound ones.

Organizations can streamline logistics operations by leveraging the inbound & outbound planning module through SHIPLOGIX WMS, the best warehouse management system in India. You can make informed decisions about shipment timelines, allocate resources effectively, and optimize space utilization in the marshaling yard. This ultimately leads to improved operational efficiency, reduced bottlenecks, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Task Allocation Module:

The task allocation module in our warehouse management system facilitates the creation of various tasks carried out within a warehouse. It offers configurable parameters and rules to manage and optimize the allocation of warehouse resources effectively. Tasks can be created and assigned to individuals or groups for receiving, picking, and packing. Task creation is flexible and can be based on different parameters, such as documents or containers, allowing for optimized receiving, put-away, and picking processes. Real-time KPI reports are available to analyze resource performance as needed.

Receiving & Put-Away Module:

The Receiving & Put-Away process can be enhanced through an Android Mobile App, enabling automation and faster handling of cases or individual items. With real-time monitoring, one can track the progress of receiving tasks and compare planned versus actual time spent. Customizable put-away strategies can also be implemented to suggest optimal storage locations automatically. In the case of cross-docking, the traditional receiving, put-away, replenishment, and pick cycles can be bypassed by directly moving the "received" goods from the inbound dock to fulfill existing orders. This streamlines operations and expedites order fulfillment, improving overall efficiency.

Inventory Management:

Enhance inventory warehouse management by efficiently handling items regulated by lot, batch, expiry, and serial numbers. Improve inventory monitoring by tracking inventory using attributes like BL, BOE, customer, container, HS Code, etc. Effectively manage and monitor internal cargo movements within the system. Facilitate seamless internal ownership transfers of commodities. Access real-time warehouse occupancy status based on cubic meters (CBM). Maintain utmost accuracy in inventory levels through cycle counting assisted by an Android mobile app. Exercise flexibility in controlling the cycle counting process, allowing customization based on specific areas and item attributes.

Adhoc Reports:

The built-in Adhoc report functionality enables the fulfillment of immediate reporting requirements promptly. Users can create their reports by selecting the necessary fields from the grid. The Adhoc report module offers features such as filtering, aggregating, grouping, and performing various other functions. Additionally, users can create charts by selecting desired coordinates from the available columns and publish them as dashboards for viewing on the application landing page. Information Dynamics provides a range of top-quality products and services to cater to the evolving requirements of our expanding customer base and their business demands. Our offerings include shipping agency software, freight management system, Retailsoft, HRMS, as well as various services like database management, infrastructure support, consulting, application development, and enterprise integration.