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Logistics Management Systems & Shipment Management Software

SHIPLOGIX offers a comprehensive and tailored solution designed explicitly for Shipping Agencies and Freight Forwarders. Our cost-effective and high-quality solution empowers you to establish and implement standards that enhance your services, leading to elevated customer satisfaction. With SHIPLOGIX logistics management software, you can exercise exceptional control over cargo booking and movement, effectively managing and optimizing profitable trade routes.

Objectives Achieved by Our ERP Shipping Agency Software:
  • Unprecedented Visibility: Offer agencies unparalleled visibility into their global operations.
  • Optimized Asset Utilization: Minimize costs and optimize asset utilization.
  • Process Efficiency: Eliminate repetitive processes to enhance workflow.
  • Scalability and Robustness: Provide scalability to meet growing needs while ensuring robustness.
  • End-to-End Visibility: Deliver complete visibility from origin to destination through a unified user interface.
  • Seamless Financial Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Finance Systems.
  • Web Enabled Technology (MVC) with In-Built Security: Utilize web-enabled technology with inherent security measures.
  • Multi Modal Concept: A single freight forwarding software product capable of handling various shipping operations – Ocean and Air.
  • Single Sign-On: Easy access with single sign-on across different products and profiles.
  • Dynamic Work Bench: User-friendly workbench allowing entry, editing, querying, and approval within a single program.
  • Excel Export: Conveniently export data to Excel from respective programs.
  • Built-in Document Management: Integrated document management system for streamlined documentation.
  • Automated Email Triggers: Set up automatic email triggers based on specific events.
  • User-Defined Reports: Generate reports tailored to specific business views.
  • Graphical Dashboards: Quick and informative graphical dashboards aid in effective analysis.
  • Audit Control Log: Maintain an audit trail for every activity.
  • Data Upload: Upload data through Excel/CSV to minimize manual tasks.
Key Features in Movement Management:
  • Create movements via CSV/EXCEL/UNEDIFACT (Manual/Automation).
  • Utilize manifest data for Container movements.
  • Movement Updation (without deleting existing moves).
  • Movement Deletion (single/mass).
  • Transshipment Allocation
  • Manage Transshipment renominations/cancellations/confirmations.
  • Access Container inventory, load lists, discharge lists, Transshipment reports, Turn Time reports.
  • MIS reports.

Streamline container movements with a variety of options through ShipLogix logistics management systems to enhance the overall efficiency.

In summary, having the best shipment management softwarein the industry like SHIPLOGIX empowers shipping agencies and freight forwarders with a comprehensive solution that enhances operations, increases visibility, and streamlines processes, all while offering scalability and integration capabilities.

Enquiry & Sales
Multimodal Tariff Database
Rate Checker & Quotation
Order & Operations
Voyage Accounting
Carriers / NVOCC / Agents
SHIPLOGIX is a complete solution for Carriers/NVOCC/ Agents to operate your shipping businesses and manage principal-agency activities effectively. This high-quality low-cost shipment management software enforces standards that ensure consistency, discipline and certainty of services thus improving your customer service levels. Our solution gives you great control over cargo booking and movement and also helps you work out profitable trade lanes.

For Shipping Agencies (Carries/NVOCC/Agents):

SHIPLPGIX is a complete ERP shipping software solution with advanced shipping functionality to improve customer business efficiency. Our logistics management systems help you right from organizing and optimizing your ships or vessels schedule appropriately with the facility of auto-notification to the customers. You can also maintain a complete tariff structure based on vendors, customers, and even port-port combinations.

Our application also provides you with- the facility to maintain the records of order requests and approvals appropriately. Similarly, it is also easy to maintain the tariffs of the vendors, and other legal documents for easy access. SHIPLOGIX also helps you to have a complete control over the equipment digitally for a sustainable control and to know the goods inbound and outbound movements. The rebates and brokerage charges that clients have receivable and payable to their customers are tracked and managed by our application efficiently.

Hence, with the help of SHIPLOGIX you can have a controlled workflow regarding your shipments and a smooth documentation process.


Through this module create and manage various types of service inquiries related to shipping by providing a unified interface for performing various actions and enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Ability to create enquiries with essential fields.
  • Enquiries can encompass a range of service modes (e.g., Door to Door, Port to Port, Door to Port, Vessel Handling, Insurance).
  • Generate Enquiries tailored to different types of businesses.
  • Facilitate Enquiry transfers between executives.
  • Introduce a Work Bench to seamlessly perform Create, Query, Edit, Delete, and Approval actions.


  • Convert Enquiries into Leads.
  • Utilize Sales Operations Work Bench for lead/opportunity creation.
  • Assign a single executive per lead/opportunity.
  • Update Sales Visits through Conversation Module.
  • Record Potential/Target & Competitor details via Business Volumes.
  • Maintain an Audit Log.
  • Transfer ownership of Leads/Opportunities/accounts.
  • Attach files across all screens.
  • Automated Reminders.
  • Generate Reports & Dashboards.