Database Solutions

Client Overview

Client is a large financial services provider in the UAE. Client was running Oracle 9i stand alone with Forms 6i client and a few web portals.

Engagement Overview

RDBMS Oracle 10g RAC Enterprise
OS Red Hat Linux 5.2 (2.6.18 – 92) x64
Hardware/ Storage HP MSA 1000
DB NO/ Size 1/ 60 GB
Team Size 2
Duration 1 Month

Services Offered

  • Database Migration from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g
  • Database Migration from Oracle 10g Std to Oracle 10g RAC Enterprise
  • Oracle DR Solution design and implementation using Oracle Data guard
Engagement Objectives

  • 99.9% Database Availability
  • Proven DR Solution
  • Increase application response by load balancing
  • Utilize Oracle 10g ’s rich functionalities

Implement Challenges

  • Interacting with various stakeholders
  • Complexity of VERITAS Storage Foundation solution integration with Oracle RAC
  • Minimal option of code review and modification by app team due to internal policy


  • Less down time during migration
  • Nil code changes to application programs
  • No outages to dependant applications
  • No involvement of in-house application team and business users
  • 50% Improvement in application response