Business Consolidation has become the new approach whereby consortiums are formed to negotiate better deals with Suppliers and leverage them to serve clients and make products. The traditional model was very labor & time intensive which is being fast replaced by the Technology based Solutions which allow Sub Agents to Book and Fulfill business whilst retaining the entire Operational and Financial Control over the entire operations

  • B2B website for Agent login
  • Agent profiles, credit/cash limits
  • Agent wise mark-ups/mark-downs
  • Staff booking tool for making bookings on behalf of the subagents
  • Call center module for handling agent queries -bookings/cancellations/Change requests by subagents
  • Online booking for various travel services such as flights, hotels,transfer, Activity, Holiday packages Insurance etc.
  • Auto Email/SMS Alert setup for confirmation and cancellations
  • Negotiated hotel contracting systems
  • Comprehensive accounting and payment management