Warehouse Management

Information Dynamics Warehouse Management System can help your organization develop and integrate warehouse systems that will reduce operational and shipping costs, increase overall customer satisfaction, and provide extensibility and agility throughout your business processes. Our warehouse management System that boosts up your ROI and streamlines our business processes in all facets:


  • Outbound goods Sophisticated pick, pack, ship processes
  • Inventory Management and Visibility
  • 100% Efficient and Accurate System - with or without barcode.
  • Manage you stocks/items with the help of a RF Barcode Scanner
  • Receive & Bin items with the help of wireless RF Scanners
  • Deliver/Picking with RF Scanner based on FIFO/LIFO etc.
  • System that recognizes each and every item in the Warehouse.
  • System that could provide binning strategy based on requirements.
  • RF receiving would online validate with PO / Packing list
  • RF picking would allow only specific item as per delivery strategy
  • Online item Receive/Bin/Picking/Delivery with RF Barcode Scanner
  • Manage entire warehouse tasks with help of a wireless RF Scanner
  • System knows each and every item in the Warehouse