Freight Forwarders

AFSYS is an ideal IT solution for Freight Forwarders of all sizes. AFSYS enables you to decide on the best mode of shipping/unitizing. The solution also helps you compute the different permutation and combination available for multi modal shipments so that you can choose the best option for your customers, it also helps you to choose a carrier based on freight rates, routes and transit time.


  • Controlled work flow as per pre-defined operations
  • Auto link to documentation
  • Consolidation/ De-Consolidation management
  • Maintain vendor-wise buying and selling tariff 
  • Detailed activity-wise job-costing for main process and sub process
  • Quotation & Job contract preparation for Shippers/Discharge Port Forwarding Agents
  • Maintain import and export bookings separately
  • Single invoice creation for multiple jobs 
  • Profit share facility for Joint Venture Forwarder
  • Multiple job invoicing to single/ multiple customers
  • Maintaining Partner Agents ’agreements


  • Improves working ratio of Console Boxes
  • Effectively connects Partner Agents, Ports, Shipping Lines and Liner Agents, ensuring smooth business process
  • Exhaustive models for invoicing, queries etc
  • Control shipping costs
  • Efficient & faster document processing