Feeder Operators

AFSYS has been designed for Feeder Operators to improve their productivity by manifolds. It acts as a comprehensive business competence that facilitates and manages the total work flow as per your business processes.


  • Daily vessel scheduling and auto notification to customers
  • Maintaining service schedules of MLOs & GCLs
  • Tariff generation based on various combination-permutations for publishing slot rates
  • Enables planning and nomination of vessels for transshipment and export bookings
  • Prepare vessel load plans
  • Container tracking
  • Statistical analysis of yield per vessel
  • Voyage finalization and closure


  • Reduced operating costs and improved operational efficiency results in increased revenue
  • Optimize stowage throughout the entire voyage of the vessel
  • Comprehensive planning tool for cargo forecasting
  • Customisable reports for better decision making
  • Enhanced Planner Productivity / Maximize planner effectiveness